Worldview and linguistics
“A worldview describes a consistent (to a varying degree) and integral sense of existence and provides a framework for generating, sustaining, and applying knowledge.

The linguistic relativity hypothesis of Benjamin Lee Whorf describes how the syntactic-semantic structure of a language becomes an underlying structure for the Weltanschauung of a people through the organization of the causal perception of the world and the linguistic categorization of entities. As linguistic categorization emerges as a representation of worldview and causality, it further modifies social perception and thereby leads to a continual interaction between language and perception.

The theory, or rather hypothesis, was well received in the late 1940s, but declined in prominence after a decade. In the 1990s, new research gave further support for the linguistic relativity theory, in the works of Stephen Levinson and his team at the Max Planck institute for Psycholinguistics at Nijmegen, Netherlands. The theory has also gained attention through the work of Lera Boroditsky at Stanford University.”

Source: Wikipedia – World View


Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words.
Genesis 11:1

Our perception modifies our language and our world view (Weltanschauung)
We perceive this world as a materialistic universe where space and time separates us from each other. The separation of the language at the time of the tower of Babel, during the reign of Nimrod, was a consequence of the progressing decomposition of the collective consciousness and awareness. Short after this time also the life span was shortened. Consciousness and life force are the same. A consciousness field is the same as the field that is created by accumulating life force (qi or prana).

Root of the separation
The root of the separation is in the original sin that Adam committed. He separated himself from God by a conscious act of disobedience.
By doing this he destroyed willingly the awareness of the right world view, that God as the ONE consciousness is the center of all and not the Ego (illusion of the self = separateness) – Ecclesiastes 12:13,14.

Short after the original sin God revealed him the consequences of his act:
“cursed is the ground on your account. In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life.” Genesis 3:17
“Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned.” (Romans 5:12)

Illness is one of the symptoms of this separateness
conductor of a orchestra
All cells in our body works together in harmony in order to make life for us possible. But the teamwork of all cells is coordinated by the life force. The introduction of “separateness” into our collective consciousness has caused a failure in this coordination. The cells does not work perfectly together anymore. The body and mind is in a disharmonious state, like a orchestra without a conductor.

God is our conductor
Everything in this (Electric) Universe is frequency. There exist a fine tuning of the forces (electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) without nothing could exist. Physicists knows that they are set and balanced so precisely that even slight changes could render the universe lifeless.
In the scientific field of biology there is also known this kind of delicate fine tuning. All life forms works together. There exist no separateness.
Psychology, as Carl Jung discovered, knows also such kind of fine tuning.

Now I have mentioned 3 different fields of science: Physics, biology and psychology
Between this fields exist also a separateness!!! It should not wonder us, because the separateness was embedded in our collective consciousness by Adam and it influences everything we do and think and feel. We are slaves of the original sin, of a world view that promotes separateness.

Which world view promotes separateness and which wholeness?
Classical physics promotes a world view of separateness. But this is a antiquated world view (full of contradictions), because since Newton many scientists has described and analyzed strange phenomenas in physics that points to a wholeness.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the double-slit experiment, quantum entanglement and the fine tuning of the forces, constants, and laws that shape the universe as we perceive it, indicates that separateness in our universe does not exist.

One world view that I prefer is the Biocentrism. It promotes wholeness rather than separateness.
Another is the Holographic Universe, that describes also that everything is embedded in the part and vice versa.
Fractals and the Electric Universe Theory are no contradiction to the Holographic Universe and the Biocentrism.

As you can see a kind of reconciliation is happening in the field of science during the last 100 years. It seems that a spirit of reconciliation promotes the reunification of all fields. A force that reunites the single morphic fields to one big field. This is also called the “Awakening“. The spiritual light (in EU light is a special kind of electromagnetic radiation, in religion light is a symbol for insight) shines stronger and stronger than more we get near to this “Awakening” that means also the End of a World (view).
All the years before there emerged only more and more strange theories that promoted separateness. But now a long series of discoveries and theories emerge that forms a picture of a cosmos of wholeness. This happens maybe because the collective consciousness, in this case viewed as a collective mind also known as the “noosphere“, is feed by a group of people that has all the same target to research the Truth and to live coherently to it. This group of people influences the whole humanity and this group is also influenced by higher beings and by God. The Wholeness will be more and more evident with the time.

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